Is’t coming together?

Good morning. I’m filled with questions. So many daikon questions. Daikon is the actual sound you make when you want to swear but you sound weird when you do so you don’t.

I’ve clicked and smiled and explored and tried but still no crocodile. 🐊  I’m so hungry I though I could find someone who likes the hustle and bustle. How does the little bumble bee fly?   Its whispering sweetly in my ear. Mmmph I wonder again how can I do this manifestation of life.

Just as silently Mrs. 🐝 said, you don’t hear me complaining.  And she buzzed  on.

So that leaves me still pondering numb thoughts.  But so deep in thought. It’s a true tingle on my cranium. This waning moon is increasing  my intellect in stratospheric ways.

Getting to the point… what is the full sonnet Alice recites? And may  I use it please?

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