Go Shawty it’s your Birthday! 

First I respectfully acknowledge my loving creator.  I’d love to have 50 Cent perform today for me. It’s my birthday and I want to party! My husband is the finer soirée companion so I’m going to enjoy myself today for sure!  Yes I’m a valley girl.  

Happy Lunar New Year of the Rooster.  Here is a sweet short story from me to you. 

Heriah fulminating towards the northern Noire. He was trying to capture the delicate planet Neptune, which  was the secret source of Aquarius protector of the Northern Galaxy. 

On this wondrous day Luna who was mystically bound to the brightest star above the Horizon, Epsilon Aquarii.  Luna would bashfully entice the attention of Aquarius by calling his star Albali. 

In a rage deep in the swamps situated in the Southern Hemisphere on Earth, Aquarius would appear before  her. At a precious precise moment Luna’s hair would turn blue and her lips.   Her eyes darkened and so did her skin.  Her beauty suspended and petrified and she would never age past glittered age of 24. 

 A celebration  of his epic cosmic love for Her, Aquarius stole Luna. When she vanished she turned the moon so the oceans could bring her tears back to Earth to keep time continuing.   

Aquarius filled Neptune with so much strength that froideur  vaporized around it. It was on a verge of shattering into infinity.  The vapors swayed and swirled and swooshed. Then they stilled. A form started to take shape behind Aquarius. It had wings hooves and was faster than light.

A gift so precious was this vision. Luna joined Aquarius and Heriah knelt in respect as he witnessed this manifested love. He began to beg for his life. Aquarius so aloof turned  Heriah into a  Chanticleer. 

Cockadoodledooooo was all that could be heard.

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