Trying to think of something witty to say just so I can be recognized is kinda… this is very soul searching. I knew I could  be wordy. So why are my words escaping now.  

It’s more than writers block its political correctness and grasping for knowledge battling inwardly. 

I find my tools so limited and the most important tool is my mind. It just totally flew out the window.  

Please tell someone that I care. Scattered thoughts and silent noise so loud and vivid in my head. 

I don’t remember what verse I live to speak. And it angered me that I want allowed to write as I spoke. 

I believe that I speak most eloquent. I get so nervous I chatter like I am now.   Yah da ya da.  Thanks Schnitzel #chowder. 

To those who understand won’t share this. 

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