Will cost you!  Why? How? When? Hmm let’s see:

Why: You didn’t do what needed to be done, now you have to improvise if you’re clever. 

How: Money, time and fretful emotions that run way past anxiety. 

When: Exactly!! Every second minute hour day week month it takes for you to get yourself back on track. 

Stop wasting time and all your energy. It will dig deep into your pockets. 

Procrastinating isn’t  a friend or foe. It’s this entity that meddles and weaves its own path and misguides you on your destined path. It takes and takes never gives or reveals your true abilities. 

Slowly it will become an internal nemesis. Patiently waiting to emerge and feast its ugly motives and spew its venemous claws into any plan you have yet to manifest. 

Take heed! This is the only SURE method to thwart procrastination:

  1. Steady your integrity.  
  2. If you say you will do it then DO IT. 
  3. Time is not your friend. Treat time like an enemy. Beat it every and any chance you get. 
  4. Ask for help. 

These are simple in context yet may seem challenging when out to practice. Remember there are no short cuts in life. 

Perseverance is your secret weapon. I give  this freely to you.   

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