Rant rant rant on non-sense

I feel utterly confused right now. so many thoughts and ideas in my head I am beginning to think that they aren’t just for me. I need to find my chi and center myself.

It all seemed so simple. I had this desire to share my experiences in all hopes to reach others who too are similar to not only me but just…similiar.

I have forgotten what my intentions deep within are.  I know it’s not too late. I can articulate my thoughts.

I seem to pour out philosophical ideas instead of action packed experiences or advice.  This is almost enough to tell myself quit while you’re ahead.   I do have them quite often.  So why am I thirsty so early in the game? I don’t want to be left on the bench waiting on the sidelines because I have to be a perfectionist.  My need to succeed is a desperation to achieve.

I just want to embrace messiness and have spell check kicked to the curb. It’s never around when I need it anyways..  Just check out the mistakes above.

I have found that my writing skills are concepts that have swept thru fiber optics and wiped my dry erase of a mind clean.  Leaving only residue of syllables still trying to pull together into something…anything.

This is my blog and I care about it and the journey it takes you on.  We both will end up somewhere in between and make sense of this all.  Grab the tape and stick with me. I can only get better. I think you can help out too.  Let me know what you like and want to see more of.

Think you to do that for me? Let me know what I can.  Meanwhile,  it will be back to the research and reference stage.  Then, we will look back and say this was the easy part. And it will still be fun and immeasurable.


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