I didn’t want to share my blog actually, I did but with new people from the internet.  People who shared the same forum, or  someone just like me.  But I have critiqued myself and I find that I am not giving 100% to myself.

I’m sharing or precisely committed to other roles.  The roles I’ve grown weary of. Ehh, They bored me from one minute to the next. Well, Now I am a chatter box.  I’d entertain these thoughts on more social platforms but the scene on those pages seem interesting and lovely, but not exciting.

If in comparison I’d have to say that, FB has become like a home you just can’t wait to be old enough to leave and venture out on your own. You know its like having to share a room with a sibling…  Been there done that. We’re not kids anymore! Insert Pink Floyd exactly here.

Bashfulness I discovered was and is a blessing. Its a rat race that fans my cinders.

So much to say.  So little time.  I was instructed to be consistent. So I am trying mot see what is a time pattern for myself to water my own seeds. All these ideas floating and I seem to recall frequently is this quote I think is from someone I read the title of their blog, not verbatim but possible…

Try not to have your dreams of owning a business stay just a dream because of all the research and excessive stalling out and getting overwhelmed.


If you read my words they too seem scattered.  I wish I had a Dr. like on Billions, to babysit my alter ego. Damn.  Say word.  Listening to Public Enemy has me also reminiscing on WHO I really am and Why has it taken me so long to realize my own faults,   I thank Carrie for this bit of notion.  But I like being me.  I’m quirky, cute, loyal, earnest, aloof (I’d like to improve this one) and brilliant.  My father was super smart too.

I believe whole heartedly, that if you are not learning you will die early.  So I will continue to search for ways to expand my mind.  I would like to just meet some more people who share the same thoughts as I do.  I know I have meet many of you already and I know I at least smiled once in your company.  To you I pucker and blow sweet kisses.


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