Here goes nothing

So how honest can one be before they betray their own confidence.  Hmm,  well grammatically I ran into a reason I’ll say today I ate extremely poorly.

 It is a way for me to punish myself. Listen carefully,

I’m chickening out right now.

So I set my intention to be extremely honest with myself.

And It made me cry.  Not ugly face cry, but OMG I hope I don’t get a wrinkle type cry.

I’m valley girl for sure inside.  It took a long time to rid my malapropism.

Placeholder Image

And now what I see when I write are words that don’t really fit at times. SO yah think I am more verbose than to pious words on the subject of health and wellness.  I at least, had water and cake.

I rule a world where all can live off cake and sparkling water. It’s a Unicorn’s diet, only mermaids and starchilds can eat. Some are lucky to get the best slice.

I wonder if I just type in the shape of a pot-sticker will it make me full.  I feel like I have a malnourished soul.  Only his permanent blessing fussed into my marrow protects me from harm.  I’ll settle for wild outbursts of insanity as it mocks inwardly at you.

Where’s the rice!?

I won’t reread this even though I know I should.  At least 5 more times. I’ll stall-out and wonder why I am feisty, mean or cranky, ill-tempered.  That is why I changed the title of this page.  I must confess to truly repent and not crave or cave.


I did make a mean home-made chicken pot pies this week.  OOo oui!  They were off the chain. I need my mat. I’d give a plug but I got it from #Marshall’s so I ain’t.

So long,

Nicky ­

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