Health and Wellness Confessions

Are you as tired as I am? I responded to the action word of the day and little did I know it would actually be the summary of my day.  Mental fogginess is hazardous to any To Do list.  So I took a moment to research and test this 10 minutes or less quick fix to regain mental clarity no matter how early or late into the day.

Guaranteed to get you back in the game:

  1. Just walk away. That’s right walk away from what ever it is you are not doing.
  2. Breathe in deep like you are filling a balloon slowly and exhale at the same speed repeat five times.
  3. Do the chicken dance if you can’t remember the order even better because now you’re laughing.

Test this out and leave a response, I’m eager to know if you felt better in less than 10 minutes.


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